Kitty Kraft kit

An Ideal way to start is by using a Kitty Kraft small kit containing all you need to complete your first project.



Check you have everything you need:                                                               1)A model to decorate.                                                                2) Decopatch printed glazed paper . A quick way to check amount needed . multiply the number of sheets of paper it takes to wrap the model  by 1 1/2 times.                                        3) Decopatch Glue/Glaze to ensure  a glossy durable resilient finish .                                                                                      4) Hog hair glue brush                                                                5) Instruction                                                                                                                                          

Tear Paper

Tear your chosen paper into random pieces

making sure to remove the machine cut edges.



Thumb size

You should now have a selection of thumbnail

sized pieces  all with feathered torn edges. this

ensures when you glue the pieces you will achieve

an apparently seamless coverage.

How to Décopatch…


SONY DSCRequirements:
Sub Material (Item to be decpatched)
Décopatch Glue/Varnish
Décopatch Paper
Flat glue brush
Your imagination


1.) It is advisable to first, seal the surface of your item with primer.

2.) Tear your selected paper(s) into random postage stamp size pieces, for very small items, make the pieces even smaller.

3.) Now start covering by painting an area slightly larger than your paper pieces with glue.

4.) Place one piece of paper onto the glued surface and immediately brush over it with glue, ensuring the paper blends into any contours without air bubbles. The paper should be completely covered top and bottom.

5.) Continue with the next piece of paper following the same steps, blend and overlap the paper to it’s neighbours. Continue this process until the whole item is covered.

After 10minutes the varnish will be touch dry and you can add artistic effects with patch liners and gems. Wash your brushes immediately with warm soapy water to use again

Happy Decopatching!


Done something fantastic with Décopatch? Why not let us know, we’d love to hear your success stories!

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